Le Steering Committee du DAT-AOC

Steering Committee The Steering Committee will be responsible for the general’s overall program coordination. Made up of senior experts from of the 3 consortium members (ICI/ICI-Santé, RAF-VIH, Health Focus), it will be the essential organ for oversight, decision making and quality assurance.

Its main roles are:

• Strategic analysis on the regional key challenges (Universal Access, Strategic Investment, Consolidated ART Guidelines, Global Fund, Integration, Post-2015 Framework...), technical support and expert training needs in WCA

• Formulation of priorities, strategic orientation of the technical supports, related to regional key challenges and needs

• Planning, implementation and oversight of the TSF project

Steering Committee The TSF-WCA Steering Committee consists of the following:

• Dr Jean-Baptiste Guiard-Schmid, Dr Kémal Chérabi, Mr Audace Niyongere and Mme Garance Faugère (ICI/ICI Santé)

• Dr Alois Doerleman, Dr Gerlinde Reiprich and Dr Mohamme Lamine Yansané (Health Focus)

• Pr Y. Joseph Drabo (RAF-VIH)

Dr Jean-Baptiste Guiard-Schmid will assume the leadership and the coordination of the Steering Committee.